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We deliver fast R&D solutions

Disruptive Research

Get your disruptive, innovative and confidential prototype within 6-12 months with us!
The world is constantly changing, and the urge to achieve fast and sustainable results are growing. Through innovative R&D acceleration methodologies, we guarantee a fast development of research projects in the chemistry and materials field, with confidentiality and according to the market’s needs.
We work with agri-food, hygiene and cleaning, sustainable packaging, bioplastics, cosmetics, coatings, and chemicals, among other industries. Learn more

Specialized Consultancy

Open your door to the world of innovation with our Specialized Consultancy services. Receive comprehensive strategic reports and analyses that give you the best industry knowledge.

Lab Tests

Ensure the best results with state-of-the-art equipment and the application of international procedures. Science 351 provides a full range of services, from sampling to analysis, with guaranteed quality, satisfaction, and speed.

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