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Who We Are

Science 351 is an Innovation Laboratory dedicated to aiding businesses throughout the holistic journey of birthing innovative products, whether it's more sustainable materials, more efficient solutions, or cost-effective alternatives. Our comprehensive support encompasses the inception of ideas, meticulous planning, lab-based prototype development, market entry of the product, and identifying financial aids for the innovation journey.

We offer groundbreaking R&D services equipped with cutting-edge technology. Our services cater to corporate clients keen on outsourcing R&D endeavours to swiftly develop more sustainable products and processes. Rooted in chemistry and materials science, we extend our expertise across European and Asian markets, serving clients in the chemical, agri-food, packaging, and coatings sectors.

Our clientele at Science 351 includes illustrious names from the Fortune Global 500 list, and our venture has been honoured with numerous international innovation accolades.

We envision a dynamic nexus between scientific acumen and business growth, where the pursuit of scientific and strategic excellence permeates every facet of product development—from idea germination to proof of concept and scaling up—all under one roof.

Through the swift valorisation and acceleration of R&D, steered by science, creativity, and value creation, we translate science into impactful products. We foster a culture of close-knit engagement with our clients, grounded in trust and collaboration, ensuring their innovation endeavours translate into a competitive edge and augmented resilience amidst the relentless market flux.


of choosing SCIENCE 351
  • Acceleration of R&D outcomes. Rapid delivery of results.
  • Guarantee of Confidentiality.
  • Expertise in valorising R&D projects and transforming science into value-added products.
  • International recognition, such as the Unilever Award 2021, Kraft Heinz Award 2022.
  • Integrated support throughout the entire process of creating new innovative products.
  • Scientists with industrial experience. Reduction of investment risk in R&D through feasibility reports and co-financing.
  • Entity accredited by ANI, allowing unrestricted eligibility for SIFIDE.
  • Cost reduction for the company through product reformulation.

Scientists and Visionaries

Science 351 is a Portuguese R&D company that brings together several internationally renowned scientists. With extensive business and industrial experience, the entire team is ready to apply their knowledge to solve your challenges.

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