The most conventional methods to eliminate microbes involves liquid disinfectants. Formulations that contain such components are, however, pharmaceuticals and medicines. In addition, several adverse side effects have been described for this type of products, including increased allergies, sensitivity, development of microbiological resistance, and toxicity, many of them caused by the synthetic ingredients used.

Alternatively, antimicrobial action can be achieved through natural components such as essential oils. Although new products which include essential oils have been introduced to the market with this purpose, many do not show effective results. Thus, the development of new formulations with better antiseptic capacity, based and reinforced with natural extracts from specific plants, is necessary to obtain effective products in this field.

This project aims to create innovative characteristics and unprecedented skin products based on synergies between Thymol, other essential oils, and natural extracts. The Team-All project aims to solve the problems of limited antiseptic capacity and sustainability of the materials used by developing and making available, for the first time, different ranges of skincare products with controlled-release properties of antiseptic active ingredients with fewer side effects.

Project Description TEAM-ALL .: Development of innovative skin products based on Thymol and other essential oils
Project Code CENTRO-01-0247-FEDER-072599
Principal Objective Reinforce research, technological development, and innovation
Intervention Region CENTRO
Approval date 18-03-2021
Start Date 01-04-2021
End Date 30-06-2023
Total eligible cost 1,509,706.67€
EU financial support FEDER – 1,080,554.34€

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