Sustainable Ice cream challenge

Sustainable Ice cream challenge

The Sustainable Ice Cream Challenge project, promoted by Unilever International, emerged to improve issues associated with ice cream conservation and reduce energy consumption and the emission of CO2 into the atmosphere.

The Sustainable Ice Cream project consists in developing an ice cream with a melting temperature much higher than the current ice creams, thus allowing its conservation at less negative temperatures, in this case, around -5 ºC. Currently, for this type of product to be able to maintain its organoleptic, physicochemical and texture properties, according to the standard accepted by consumers, its conservation temperatures must remain between -18 and -20 ºC.

This project allows a reduction of about 75% of the CO2 that would be released due to the energy required for ice cream refrigeration. This figure represents about 0.75 million tons of CO2 that will not be emitted while maintaining all the characteristics that we like when we eat an ice cream, but at higher temperatures of conservation.

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