Highly Qualified Human Resources (SME or CoLAB)

Highly Qualified Human Resources (SME or CoLAB)

This project provides a reinforcement of the technical and scientific expertise for research and innovation of Science 351, allowing leveraging the relevant scientific basis for the sustained development of new eco-friendly biomaterials for coatings applied to food, directly or in the form of edible films, which confer greater resistance against chemical, physical and microbiological degradation.

This initiative also allows Science 351 to guarantee the growth of the RDI culture in the organization through the development and implementation of new methodologies of product and process innovation, more competitive, disruptive and sustainable. The project’s vision is oriented to green economy or circular economy, to the sustainability and valorization of resources, as well as to health, well-being and the quality of life. This allows, with the support of this project, to enhance the regional and national business fabric through the exploration of new opportunities and the promotion of research, as well as development and innovation projects aligned with the research and innovation strategies for a smart specialization and the respective transversal priorities defined for the Center region as well as at a National and European level.

Additionally, the direct impact of the organization on priority areas as defined for the Centro region is also promoted, namely, in research, development and innovation, competitiveness and internationalization of the regional economy, sustainability of resources, and, in particular, in the promotion and boosting of employability, both immediate and future.

Project Description Highly Qualified Human Resources (SME or CoLAB)
Project Code CENTRO-04-3559-FSE-000110
Principal Objective Promote the sustainability and quality of employment and support labor mobility
Intervention Region CENTRO
Approval date 09-09-2020
Start Date 01-10-2020
End Date 31-03-2022
Total eligible cost 41.580,00€
EU financial support 20.790,00€

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