Final Touch

Final Touch

This project is the first worldwide attempt to develop comprehensive knowledge about the conditions for obtaining an innovative additive to empower clothing with antiviral properties.

This additive is presented in a fabric softener form with novel and innovative properties and inspired by the action mechanisms that mimic several natural existing processes. These processes include the efficient adsorption of large cationic polymers on surfaces, reproduced here by the irreversible adsorption of these polymers on fabrics, allowing a more extended antiviral action. This is a pioneering action that aggregates the potentially synergistic effect of mixing natural polycations with cationic surfactants and cationic inorganic ions for virus disintegration.

More information about the project available here.

Project Description Final Touch
Project Code CENTRO-01-02B7-FEDER-050112
Principal Objective Reinforce research, technological development, and innovation
Intervention Region CENTRO
Beneficiary Entity DOCS & DOCS & A BOX, LDA
Approval date 24-07-2020
Start Date 21-06-2020
End Date 31-03-2021
Total eligible cost 155.625,13€
EU financial support FEDER – 133.902,61€

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