Lab Tests


We work with State-of-the-art Equipment

DLS (Dynamic Light Scattering)

Dynamic Light Scattering Ultra Zetasizer multi-angle. The only one in the market with MADLS technology: allows extremely improved resolution and particle concentration calculation. This equipment allows performing Stability and Particle Size tests.

Tensiometer (with Wilhelmy plate)

Sigma 701 Tensiometer: The only equipment of its class with a 0.005 mg resolution. Allows automatic and rigorous Surface Tension/Interfacial/CMC tests.


Kinexus Lab+ Rheometer: Rheometer with the best inertia reduction of the market within its segment, and greater range of normal strength, to obtain very high accuracy results. This equipment allows Viscosity and Elasticity analysis.


Specially designed Press to produce various dimensions specimens (up to 25 x 25 cm). This equipment allows rigorous temperature control.

Contact Angle

Contact Angle meter that uses sophisticated analysis algorithms and ensures highly reliable results. This equipment measures the static and dynamic contact angle and surface free energy. Awarded “Best of the Best” in 2020.

UV-VIS spectrophotometer

This high-performance dual-beam UV-VIS spectrophotometer allows photometric measurements, spectrum scanning, quantitative determination, three-dimensional spectrum, and kinetic measurements.


Well-established equipment for the biochemical oxygen deficiency determination. Oxitop is used to determine biodegradability according to the OECD/microbiology – laboratory procedure in line with DIN ISO 29 408 / ISO 9408 / OECD 301 F. Ensures safe results and allows for different volumes and temperatures.


Analyses We Provide

1.Rotational tests:
– Viscosity vs applied voltage
– Viscosity vs time
– Viscosity vs temperature
2.Oscillatory tests:
– In function of temperature
– In function of Time
3.Probe tests:
– Force control applied in the sample
– Probe height penetration control in the sample
Particle size determination (nm range)
Particle size determination (nm range) in a temperature range
Concentration calculation
CMC determination
Interfacial/superficial tension determination

Emulsification indices

Microstructure characterization (SEM)
Microstructure and elemental chemical composition (SEM-EDS)
ATR Mode – (Absorbance vs Wave Number Spectra)
Chemical composition
Vibrational spectra

Thermal behavior in inert atmosphere (nitrogen)

Particle size distribution

Mixture preparation
Mixture optimization

Diffractogram of samples with crystalline/semi-crystalline structure

Elemental chemical composition
Distribution maps of the chemical elements of a sample
Hot-pressed sample plates
LASER Cutting
E’, E” and Tan determination
Tg determination in multifrequency
Mixture miscibility studies
Creep and Relaxation Tests (analyses between -160ºC and 500ºC)
Mn, Mw, PDI determination
(THF) – triple-depting system
(DMF) – triple-depting system
(H₂O) – IR detector system

Refraction index determination

UV samples exposure

Contact angle measurement
Surface free energy determination

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