Disruptive Innovation

Accelerating R&D Solutions

Experience the Impact of Disruptive Innovation

Science 351 conducts Research & Development (R&D) projects, employing scientific methods and systemic methodologies from the phase of problem identification and idea discussion, project planning, technical support for applications, to streamlining all development activities up to higher Technology Readiness Levels (TRLs), like support in the scale-up production process.
We prioritise innovative solutions in the field of circular economy and sustainability, combining the knowledge with the experience of our scientists, which allows the development of a wide range of disruptive and innovative projects.

The recognition of suitability in the practice of R&D activities by National Innovation Agency (ANI), also allows you to access tax benefits through the SIFIDE programme on projects developed with Science 351.

Achieve more sustainable processes and products, with lower costs and greater efficiency.

how we work

Our process


Evaluation of problems and innovation needs. Discussion of ideas with experts in the field.

Feasibility Study

Scientific analysis to support the decision to proceed or not with the R&D project. If the risk is high, we propose options to ensure the lowest risk in the project's evolution.


Definition of actions to develop, including activities, milestones, deliverables and timeline. Active search for co-financing support.


Technical-scientific activities that lead the project from idea to functional prototype. Support for legal preparation of the new product for entry into international markets.

Scale Up

Monitoring of industrial scale tests, and development of technical sheets for new products.


Support for intellectual property protection, dissemination, and monitoring of the commercialization process with customers.