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Final Touch

The world has changed

The world as we know it has changed. The goods and services available for human activities will be revised and improved as a way of controlling pandemics. The Covid-19 pandemic has generated a significant health uncertainty (particularly in the elderly and vulnerable where the disease is most critical) and a duty to mobilize various entities to develop new solutions to ensure health and safety in the face of current and future pandemics. There is an unprecedented need to reinforce hygiene and disinfection.


But so do we

The Final Touch is a disruptive advance in science and health, demonstrated through studies that culminate in an innovative additive to empower clothing with antiviral properties. This additive – a special clothing softener – has triple antiviral action of excellent efficacy and is inspired by mechanisms of action that mimic existing processes in nature.

This is our solution

We want this product to provide people security by ensuring that their clothing is equipped with antiviral capability..

Safe ingredients

Selected ingredients to ensure total product safety

Active Antiviral Ingredients

Clothing softener that empowers clothing with high antiviral action, proven in laboratory


Unique fusion between nature and advanced science

New Molecules

New molecular complexes, more effective and more ecological

Ecological Formulation

Biomolecules of natural and biodegradable origin for reduced environmental impact

Covid-19 Protection

High antiviral power. Protective shield that reduces the chances of taking the virus with you to your home

Developed projects


Revestimento com propriedades antibacterianas e hidrofóbicas...