Science 351

Why Science 351?

Science 351 is a dynamic interface between scientific knowledge and business development. It brings together several renowned scientists that apply their knowledge into the challenges of each innovation.

While conventional consulting teams focus on the idea of a new product, supporting an ongoing project or performing experiments, Science 351 goes beyond that concept. Our action begins with the birth of the innovative idea going through research and development steps to culminate into the presentation of a final prototype for application to the market or intended target. Finally, the product is disclosed into the proper means of divulgation.

Our vision of scientific and strategic excellence encompasses all the process from idea through development and concept trials to scaling up. All in one service.

We reinvent the present

We help you reinvent your company’s portfolio to meet current and future needs.

We anticipate the future

We develop innovative products accordingly with future market trends. We envision a world where everyone has access to innovation.

In sum

Science 351’s mission is to encourage business development and to find solutions to societal problems through innovation using an interdisciplinar approach concerning both technology and scientific-technical knowledge in the nanotechnology, chemical-physics, engineering and biotechnology domains.

We envision a world where companies have easy access to scientific innovation allowing for the creation of technologies that significantly improve planet sustainability and the overall well being and happiness of humankind.


Thinking "out of the box" is part of our routine.


We don't seek solutions, we seek the best solutions.


We support each client in every step of the process. We promote trust.


The numbers speak for themselves






Companies Helped


Business Ideas

27.4M €

Co Funding




From Concept to Scaling Up

Science 351 manages R&D projects from scratch walking you through the following steps of the process: identifying the problems, brainstorming in search for solutions, planning the project, support with your co-funding application and product scaling up.


Meeting with the client.
Identifying the company’s innovation needs.
Brainstorming with specialists in the field.


Concept creation and execution plan, including tasks, milestones, deliverables, chronogram and co-funding support


All technical and scientific tasks planned that lead to the final goal of the project.

Scale Up

Trials at large/industrial scale.
Development of technical data sheets for the new products.


Connect with your target market.
Showcase of the results to the target audience.
Participation in speciality trade fairs.


Placing products on the market.
Developing a product line to create a broad portfolio of final products.
Protection of intellectual property, if applied.

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